Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, if you do not find your question in the list, please contact Olena Baca using the contact form or by emailing her at

  1. How do I order a custom painting?

    • There is already an article about this here.


  1. How many photos do I have to submit?

    • I only need 1, but I prefer more. The important factor is that the image(s) need to be as focused, clear, and detailed as possible. The lighting should be natural and the resolution should be decent. If you only have photos that are low resolution or blurred, you can still contact me and I will try to work something out with you.


  1. Do you have any gift certificates available? (I want to give a custom painting as a present but have no way of getting photos.)

    • Yes I do, they are available in my store. If none of the options on the gift certificate listing meet your needs, please contact me and I can make you a custom gift certificate.


  1. Can you merge photos (take two pets from separate photos and put them into one painting for example)?

    • Yes I can. The same goes for merging backgrounds.


  1. Can you change the background (change the setting of a boat portrait from the dock to the ocean for example)?

    • Yes I can. Feel free to send me separate images for the background or just tell me your ideas.


  1. How long does a custom portrait take to create?

    • It depends. Most orders will follow one of the following timeframes: standard (3-5 weeks) or rushed (1-2 weeks). Custom orders automatically follow the standard timeline unless a “Rush Service” upgrade is purchased from the store.




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