Custom Order Process

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This process can begin in several ways. If you want a custom boat, pet, or landscape painting in one of the sizes available in the store, feel free to purchase the listing first and contact me afterward. If what you would like is not available in my store, you can contact me and we can work something out together.

The general steps for the custom order process are below:

Step 1: Communicate Your Desires

The first step is to contact Olena Baca. Any contact method on this website will work, but it is preferred that you use the following guidelines:

If you are unsure about what you would like or if you have questions about custom paintings, feel free to use the contact form. If you already know what you would like painted, especially if you have photos/have purchased a listing, you should email Olena Baca at

The subject field in the email/contact form should use the following format: “Custom Order – [Your Name]”.

The body of the email/contact form should include any information that would help Olena Baca understand what you would like out of your custom portrait (type of portrait, photos you’d want to use, background, size range, price range, pastels or watercolors, etc).

***Side note from Olena Baca: Photo Requirements:***

I will need one or more photos of the subject to be painted. It is best to take the photo in natural lighting without flash; this way I’ll be able to see the true colors and details of the subject. Higher resolution photographs with minimum blur work best, however I can make do with lower quality photos if you cannot get higher quality ones. Pet Portraits: make sure you are not taking the photos from above the pet; usually the best portraits show the pet around eye level.

Step 2: The Painting Process Begins

After a few emails, you and Olena Baca should come to some agreement on the size, price, and time table for the project. When the painting is done, I will email you a photo of it for approval. If you are not completely satisfied with it, I will adjust it to the best of my abilities to fit your needs.

Step 3: Fine Art is Created

After you approve the painting, I will put it into a clear plastic sleeve and safely package it into a sturdy shipping envelope with extra cardboard to protect against bending (or mailing tube/box for custom orders that require them due to unusual sizes/shapes). I will ship by USPS Priority Mail with a tracking number. Other shipping arrangements can be made before hand during the initial communication process (step 1).



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