About the Artist: Olena Baca

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Olena Baca is a professional European artist who now resides in the USA. She specializes in pet portraits, landscapes, and abstracts using mostly pastels and watercolors.

From the Artist:

I have been painting from a young age. I was a student at the Childrens’ Art School in Crimea for 6 years before I went to college. I got my Bachelor’s degree in fine art. I then got a job as an art instructor at that same Childrens’ Art school while working on my graduate degree.

Before I could finish my masters, I ended up moving to the U.S. In 2010 I started selling online via Etsy.

My artwork is now all over the world: in the UK, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, Russia, and, of course, the US 🙂

I like painting and drawing using watercolors, mixed media, oils, acrylics, charcoal, and pastels.

My favorite subjects for paintings are pets; I am honored when I can give people a portrait of one of their beloved little family members.

  1. kathy

    Olena. You are a wonderful artist! I just got online this morning to get ideas for backgrounds
    for pet portraits. I am doing one now and am doing something very similar to your beautiful
    blue backgrounds. Your pet portraits are magnificent! I am so happy to have discovered your
    website. All the best to you! Kathy Varie, Agoura CA

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